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AI-powered Marketing Solutions

Smarter generative content decisions with AI enriched outputs.

Train your very own CoreAI Agent on your brand tone, strategy, compliance requirements and customer psychometrics in minutes. 


How CoreAI Works

Aggregate. Automate. Accelerate.

Benefit from smart classifications, generative campaigns, bespoke AI Agents and  dynamic filtering all designed around your business.


Analyse over 30 creative factors shaping your content. From language style to editing speed, regional nuances to metaphors and story arcs. Centralise your online and offline content in one easy to access location.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok



Hyper-personalis your creative output through AI Agents and deep analysis. 




Put a value on the on screen brand moments and understand the actual exposure

Creative Insights


Benchmark all your content, past, present, future.

With CoreAI's modular packages you can adapt the depth of your analysis based on your businesses requirements.  

Why Choose CoreAI

A more productive and reactive way to iterate and design content campaigns in minutes. An AI powered creative engine built for business.



Access all your video, strategy & still content conveniently in a single location. Uncover content about your business, ranging from historical social posts to recent campaigns across different online platforms, even those you weren't aware of before!   

Leverage CoreAI's intuitive platform to enhance your marketing strategies and deliver exceptional results.


Compare your video, still and social content to that of competitors, industry standards, and your own business benchmarks constantly learning and iterating. Gain insight into what excellence truly means for your brand!

Over 30 creative factors.

Based on only your brands data.

Secure walled garden. 

Realtime analysis. 



Eliminate the subjective aspect of creativity and support your content, campaigns, or strategy with data-driven analysis enhancing the performance of your campaigns!

Is the hook right?

Is the platform right?

Does it hit the right audience?

How's the language? 


Outpace your competitors with our tailored AI Agents designed for businesses, driven by data, and infused with your human inspiration.


Unleash the power of smart content classifications, dynamic visual filtering, campaign enrichments, intuitive dashboards, linguistic analysis, brand value metric and AI-powered data analysis! Propel your content decisions to new heights with effortless access to bespoke, enriched insights and generative campaigns.

Infinate AI Agents.

AI Agents that talk to eachother. 

Human to AI Agent conversations.

Understand your entire brand. 

Campaign Agent.png

Book A Demo

We can build an authentic AI campaign for your business live! Book a demo to find out more. 

Discover how CoreAI's innovative features empower marketers to achieve unparalleled success and drive tangiable results from campaigns.

Stay informed with updates & industry insights from CoreAI. 

Thank You for Subscribing!

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